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Secondlife Error 503

over the last 48 hours some of you may have noticed the 503 errors this way due to the server move we are in the process of completing and secondlife takes ages to change dns entries
Posted on 07/09/2009 11:36 AM BST by Peter Lameth | Comments (0)

Time to Switch

The Alteran Stargate Network is now out of beta and is going at full force. It's time to get rid of your Arcturus Stargates and update to the Alteran Network.

You can pick up a new gate from the following url:

Posted on 09/07/2008 11:38 PM UTC by Zachary Carter | Comments (0)

Stargate SL-1

this is something me and wolfie made the other day, when we were bored lol.

Stargate: SL-1

Posted on 02/05/2008 11:35 PM GMT by Peter Lameth | Comments (0)

DNS Problems

Due to dns problems where the domains were hosted nothing was resolving to ips, changes in nameservers have now taken effect with the result of dns running off my server and bypassing the problem. If gates in sl are encountering problems they are limited to your sim.
Posted on 11/17/2007 11:08 PM GMT by Peter Lameth | Comments (0)

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